Damien Scieur

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A random rumber, just for you!

Why? Because this may be useful for someone. Maybe.

About me

Where are you from?

I am an element of the set Belgium, more precisely a part of one of its subsets, Wallonia. My native language is french, but I can, of course, speak perfect broken English.


I am a big fan of video games, especially P0rtal. When I want to play alone, I prefer “competitive” games, like CS:GO, Dota 2 or the Battlefield serie.
However, with my friends, we usually play strategy games. Our favorite ones are Warcraft III, Warhammer 40k, Company of Heroes, Homeworld and many other. Times to time, it happens that we start a Minecraft server to create (crazy) stuff.

While I am thinking, we are still looking for a 4th player for Warcraft III! Do not hesitate to contact me if you want ;-).

My collegues

At Inria, I worked under the supervision of Alexandre d’Aspremont and Francis Bach. In the beginning, my office mates were Amit Bermanis and Nicolas Boumal, but they left 6-9 months after my arrival. I ended in the same office as Gauthier Gidel, Antoine Recanati, Vincent Roulet and Thomas Kerdreux.

During my master’s, I worked a lot with Léopold Cambier, which is now a Ph.D. student at Standford. For example, together we created the FAST toolbox for Matlab.

What software you use?

When I work, I prefer to code in Matlab for prototyping. However, sometimes I use C++ when efficiency and speed are important. Finally, for papers, I always use Latex.

For this website, I used an amazing tool called Jekyll. This allows you to “code” your website, then generate it. A good comparison may be made with Latex, a programming language to output good PDF files. If you want to have the source code of this website, I invite you to visit my GitHub page.

You want to lose time?

Sure, who doesn’t? Here is my personal selection:

Why the theme of your website is so ugly?

The reason is simple, this is b3c4u53 1 l1k3 "d4rk" c0l0r5, 4|\\||) 7|-|!5 7|-|3/\\/\\3 !5 4|_50 q(_)!73 (|_34|\\| (!|\\| 0\\/3|24|_|_). 8|_|+ 4150 83(4|_|53 ! |#331 1!|(3 ! 4|\\/| 4 |-|4(|(3|2 \\|/!+|-| +|-|!5  |\\/|!% 0|# 814(|( 4|\\||) 6|233|\\|!